Credit Transfer

The credit transfer facility can be availed by students while enrollment at degree, diploma and certificate program. The students can be benefitted with credit according to their educational qualification, experience and students get their credit cut down according to the enrolled program. The credit facility is feasible for students as they have knowledge of field in their professional experience, personal life experience and their academic experience is useful while enrollment in this university. The facility saves time and money of students and highly beneficial for students future prospects.

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Academic Credits

The academic credit hours cut off is an additional benefit for students as they do not have to study the credit hours again and again. They can cut the credit hours when completed during the similar course of study.

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Professional Experiences

There are work experience credit known as bonus credit. Students can avail bonus credit according to their professional experience.

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Social Experiences

There are additional credits for the seminars and workshops attended by the applicant. The social and general life experience credit are beneficial for student’s professional gains as they get growth in their professional life.